1-2-1 Coaching with Emily

Part of the role of a squash coach is to inspire the next generation of players to take up the sport and achieve their potential.

1-2-1 coaching is a key component for rapid learning for any standard. Emily’s lessons with Zoe (Junior performance player) will cover the key components Mental, Physical, Technical and Tactical.

It’s an opportunity to discuss recent performances and set and re-evaluate goals. Coaches will encourage students to focus on a ’performance outcome’ (Did I stick with the agreed plan?, what did I do well?, what can I do differently next time?) Rather than a ‘results outcome’ (Did I win?, Did I lose?).

1-2-1 lessons are only one aspect of Emily’s week, our next report will feature a schools session.  It key clubs and coaches plan outreach sessions with local schools to get children interested in our sports.

We will talk to Emily about what a schools session looks like, why we do them and what she enjoys about them.