Welcome Back!

I hope you have just about recovered from what was a spectacular weekend of sport, my heart rate has only just returned to normal!

Following the Governments’ announcement on Monday 12th July I thought it best to update you on the changes Ipswich Sports Club will make from Monday 19th July. Whilst the easing of restrictions sounds a welcome relief we feel that a cautious approach at this time is sensible and as such some of the control measures will remain in place as we continue to navigate our way through this pandemic. We’ll be continuing to promote good hygiene and ask that all members continue to use the sanitising stations across the site.

The following changes will be implemented from Monday 19th July:

Face masks

  • Face masks will no longer be compulsory for members or staff and will be discretionary to the individual. We ask that you kindly respect the individuals choice on this measure.
Heat Rooms
  • The heat rooms (steam & sauna) within each changing rooms will reopen from Monday 19th July via an ‘On Demand’ service. If you wish to use either heat room please request this at reception with 30 minutes warm up time.
Fitness & Studio
  • Gym booking slots will remain in place until further notice.
  • Screens between machines will be removed.
  • Sweat Towels will be permitted in the gym & studio.
  • The studio capacity for classes will increase from 10 to 12 people per class.
  • Sharing of equipment will be permitted within classes.
  • The existing timetable including class duration will remain the same until September.
  • Please continue to sanitise all your equipment before and after use.
Bar & Reception
  • 2 screens will be removed from bar, 2 will remain in place at the tills.
  • The screen at reception will remain in place until further notice.
  • Members will no longer be required to sign in at reception however the Test & Trace QR code will remain in place until further notice.
  • Doors will remain open through the summer months to promote fresh air flow.

We are currently working on plans for September to further lift capacity in certain areas of the club such a studio. Until then we hope you feel our approach is appropriate to the current situation of the pandemic and as always we welcome your feedback and comments with how you feel these measures affect you personally. 

Chris Grimwood
General Manager

Club re-Opens 2.12.2020 – Important information for Members


Dear Club Members

Further to last Friday’s update we can confirm that the Club will be re-opening on Wednesday, 2 December 2020; set out below you will find the revised arrangements in accordance with government restrictions and the guidelines of relevant national sports governing bodies which the Club considers it is obliged to follow as appropriate:



The previous check-in process with members reporting to reception on arrival for a temperature check and to sign in via the NHS COVID-19 app remains in place.  The Club will also record each individual member or at least 1 member within each party via its own COVID-19 data collection.



Outdoor tennis is limited to the ‘Rule of 6’ as before.  For indoor tennis adults are limited to play with people in the same household/support bubble or one-to-one singles or coaching (with an exemption for tennis activity for disabled people and for under 18s).  Coaching will be in accordance with the latest LTA guidelines.  The Air Dome has now been reflated.  All coaching will also be in accordance of the LTA guidelines for coaches.

For fuller information please see LTA guidelines at LTA Covid Restrictions by Tier


Squash and Racketball

Full court play is only permitted between members of a single household or a legally permitted support bubble.  Adults can do solo sessions.  Junior group coaching and one-to-one coaching for adults and juniors can continue.  Adults in a squash bubble can play sides.

For fuller information please see England Squash & Racketball guidelines at England Squash Covid Guidance


Gym and Studio

The gym and studio can re-open and continue as before lockdown – so basically no change.  Please note the gym will continue on a booking basis only.  Members should book via the online booking system or contact reception.



Will restart and training sessions will recommence from Wednesday, 2 December 2020 with first matches scheduled for Saturday, 12 December 2020.  Further details will come from the Hockey Committee.


Café Bar and Food (The Courtside Bistro)

Having further reviewed the Tier 2 guidelines we now plan to open these areas on the following basis:

  • Café Bar

The Bar will operate as a take away café for hot drinks, cold beverages, sandwiches and snacks from Wednesday 2 December until further notice.  Please note members will be unable to use the indoor bar area for seating and must not socialise in a group of more than 6 people outside (Rule of 6).

  • Food – The Courtside Bistro

(NB: at all times Tier 2 restrictions will be followed, members must not socialise with anyone you do not live with in your support bubble)

Darius and Gill from The Courtside Bistro will be offering the following booking only events, menu details below:

Friday 4, 11 and 18 December 2020 – Food Specials served from 6.00pm. Bar closes at 9.00pm and alcohol can only be purchased and consumed whilst eating.

Sunday 13 & 20 December 2020 – Christmas Carvery


For all food events enquiries including bookings please contact The Coutside bistro (Gill) on thecourtsidebistro@ipswichsports.co.uk or 07980 538186.

Please click on the event Menus below:



Other Facilities

The shower and changing room facilities will be open as before however the sauna and steam rooms remain closed at this time.


The guidelines included in this summary will be reviewed on an on-going basis and in light of any further changes from the government with the current restrictions.

We thank all those members who have continued to support the Club in so many ways through these recent and difficult months and hope it won’t be too long before the pandemic is on the decline and restrictions can be reduced and eventually lifted altogether.




Club Chairman













Full Guidance for Club Reopening on 27.7.20

Following the announcement made on Wednesday that the Club will be re-opening on Monday, 27 July 2020, we are pleased to be able to now provide further updates along with our full guidance:
New Update 

  • The gym booking system is now live and bookings can be made up to 2 weeks in advance. Only members aged 17 years and above can book the gym and this must be done online.  Children aged 14-16 years can only use the gym with a parent and booking for this category only is via reception.
  • The squash booking system is now live for bookings starting from 9.00am on Monday, 27 July 2020, however please note members who made bookings prior to today will need to check and most likely re-book their session due to system updates.  Squash court bookings are based on 45 minutes play with a 15 minute buffer to the next game.
  • Members can cancel their bookings online via the future bookings area at the bottom of the booking screen.
Prior to attending the Club
No-one should attend the Club for any activity if they, or someone they live with, has symptoms of COVID-19, currently recognised as any of the following: 
  • A high temperature
  • A new, continuous cough
  • A loss of, or change to, their sense of smell or taste
Should an individual have demonstrated any such symptoms, they must follow NHS and PHE guidance on self-isolation.
Members should arrive in their sports kit ready to play and go straight to their court, gym or class.  Please bring your own water bottle and keep this with you at all times.
The amended, temporary opening times of the Club are 8.00am to 9.00pm Monday to Friday and 8.00am to 7.00pm Saturday and Sunday.
  • Memberships will restart from Monday, 27 July 2020.
  • Monthly paying members subscriptions will be drawn from early August 2020.
  • Annual paying members; for those who lapsed during the Club closure, we will be contacting you regarding renewal; all Annual members will be compensated for the time lost due to the closure at their next renewal date.
  • We are experiencing a high volume of member enquiries and would ask members to please be patient whilst we respond as soon as we can.  If you have any questions regarding your membership, please email: membership@ipswichsports.co.uk.
  • The entrance to the Club is now one-way with no return.
  • Once entering the Club there will be clearly marked signage for where to stand whilst waiting to be checked in via reception.
  • As part of our extra procedures staff will take members details for track and trace purposes and take a very quick temperature reading (procedures will be reviewed at regular intervals).
  • Please be patient with staff as they carry out these procedures.  
  • Members may then enter the bar (one-way – no return) or enter the corridor to the toilets/gym etc (one-way – no return).
  • All children must be accompanied by a parent at all times and parents must ensure they abide by the one-way system.  (Under no circumstances can children roam/run around the Club unsupervisesd).
Club Offices 

  • Members are asked not to enter the Club Offices at any time.
  • If you need to contact a manager, please email them on the appropriate email address displayed in the Club.


  • Our staff will be wearing masks and/or visors where appropriate to carry out their duties.
  • Members are asked not to interfere with staff procedures.
  • Members must respect social distancing measures around Club staff at all times.


  • The bar will be open from 9.00am to 9.00pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am to 7.00pm Saturday and Sunday.
  • The till points are clearly marked out and members must queue accordingly whilst social distancing.
  • Hot drinks served in takeaway cups, soft drinks served in single use plastic cups, wine served in single use plastic glasses, bottled beer served with single use plastic glasses.
  • Snacks will be available.
  • Draft beer will not be available at this time – we will update members asap.
  • The Courtside Bistro are planning to restart their food service from Friday, 7 August 2020 and there will be a takeaway sandwich service available from Tuesday, 28 July 2020, further updates to follow.
  • Contactless payments only.
  • Only member who have registered for track and trace at Reception may re-enter the Bar via the patio doors, otherwise the patio doors is an exit only.
  • Members must only socialise indoors with members of up to two households (anyone in your support bubble counts as one household).
  • Members must only socialise outdoors in a group of up to six people from different households, or in larger groups if everyone is exclusively from one or two households.
  • Members must limit interaction with anyone outside their group even you see other people you know.
  • There is reduced capacity for indoor seating, and members are advised to use the outdoor areas.
  • Please do not move the furniture as this has been arranged for social distancing.
  • Members must not stand/socialise at the bar.
  • Members must not congregate in the bar.
  • Water bottles will no longer be refilled at the bar.
Toilets & Changing Rooms 
  • The men’s, ladies and disabled toilets will be available for use.
  • Due to social distancing use of the changing rooms is to be avoided by members at all times but will be available to those with disabilities or special needs.  Showers, Sauna and Steam Rooms will not be available at this time.
  • The gym opening times are 8.00am to 8.55pm Monday to Friday and 8.00am to 6.55pm Saturday and Sunday.
  • The gym has a new hourly bookable capacity of 12 people.  We will carry out regular monitoring in the gym and update our risk assessments as required.
  • Members must only enter the gym if they have booked online.
  • Please enter for your session on time and not before.
  • Please check in your booking online.
  • Workouts are for a maximum time of 55 minutes and members must then leave the gym allowing time for the next booking to arrive.
  • Members must wipe down all machines, weights, mats after every use with the available cleaning spray and paper towel.
  • Please only refill your own water bottle at the water machine.  Cups will no longer be available.
  • New hand sanitizer units are fitted in both the cardio and free weights side.
  • Unfortunately the aircon system cannot be used.  The back door and extractor fans will be open.
  • Personal Trainers will continue to provide their services to members however when using the gym this will be for 1-1- sessions only and with 1 trainer in the gym at any time.

  • The studio class timetable has been put together around the current guidelines.
  • The studio has a capacity of 10 participants per class.
  • Social distance spots have been marked on the studio floor.
  • There are 1+ metre distancing spots for class users along the studio corridor for users to queue.  Please do not stand in front of the red line as this is to allow the instructor to go to the front of the queue to manage their class entry into the studio.
  • Arrive for your class on time, no latecomers will be permitted into a class due to social distancing issues.
  • Wet wipe stations are available at each side of the studio to enable participants to clean their own equipment before and after a class.  It is the participants responsibility to ensure this is done under the guidance of the instructor.
  • No sweat towels, bags/coats etc are to be brought into the studio.
  • Members are advised to bring their own mats to classes.
  • There is no equipment sharing under any circumstances,
  • Unfortunately the aircon system cannot be used; the patio doors will be open to increase fresh air ventilation and the music will be kept at a reasonably low level to respect neighbours and the outdoor tennis players.
  • Class participants can exit the studio via the patio doors and turn left past the tennis courts towards the car park or can turn left out of the studio and exit through the door at the end of the corridor and turn right to the car park.  No access will be allowed back into the Club via the squash corridor including for the toilets.
  • Classes have been slightly reduced to 45 minutes maximum to allow time for the studio floor and equipment to be cleaned between classes and for members to stagger their entrance times.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser outside the studio door before entering the studio.  
  • Members must only enter the studio if they have booked online.
  • Please check in your booking online.
  • Bring your own water bottles, preferably already filled.

Entering the Club & Courts 

  • This will now look very different.
  • Hands must be sanitised before and after play.
  • Players are advised to the use the toilets before playing (if required) otherwise they will have to exit the building to return to these facilities via reception adhering to the one-way.
  • Courts can only be booked online.
  • We are no longer able to allow any member to turn up and play on a court without prior booking.
  • Please do not bring unnecessary equipment or clothing with you, just what you need to play.
  • The upstairs balcony is closed for viewing of squash courts.
  • This will also be part of the one-way system and needs to be left clear for gym access.
  • 1 adult parent spectator will be allowed for junior individual lessons only and Courts 1 & 2 will be used for coaching.
How we play
  • For full details on the new way to play squash, clidk here: https://www.englandsquash.com/backtosquash.or https://vimeo.com/438126720..
  • Hands will need to be sanitised before and after play.
  • Players are asked NOT to touch the walls, please ensure you have a towel on court.  Wearing of sweatbands and head bands is recommended to help with this issue.
  • Players to bring own water bottles, preferably already filled.
  • 15 minutes will be left between sessions ventilation, for members to wipe down touch points and ensure there is no overlap between bookings, with periodic 45 minute breaks for all courts to fully ventilate.
If you are participating in 1-1 coaching activity the following rules will apply to you:
  • Cashless payment if possible, if not a sealed and labelled envelope will be required.
  • Courts will be booked and confirmed by your coach.
  • The door will be open and closed by your coach.
  • The ball will only be touched by your coach and once they have finished their coaching day it will be sterilised and placed in a  locked container for 72 hours before circulation.
Coaching Guidelines 
  • Cashless payment if possible, if not a sealed and labelled envelope will be required.
  • Courts will be booked and confirmed with you by the coach.
  • The door will be open and closed by the coach.
  • The ball will only be touched by the coach and once they have finished their coaching day it will be sterilised and placed in a locked container for 72 hours before circulation.
Leaving after your game
Once you have finished please exit the Club via the EXIT ONLY DOOR at the end of the squash corridor.
  • All activity should be consistent with the Government guidance regarding health, travel, social distancing and hygiene at all times. 
  • The indoor courts will be available for members to book from 27 July 2020 based on a members individual bookings for singles or doubles play.  Group bookings eg. Club Play or any other organised activity is only permitted outdoors.
  • LTA Guidelines for the venue, players and coaches can be found at https://www.lta.org.uk/about-us/tennis-news/news-and-opinion/general-news/2020/march/coronavirus-covid-19—latest-advice/.  The guidelines for players and the venue will be posted on the tennis noticeboards. 
  • The indoor and outdoor courts will be available at the following times:
    Monday-Friday 8.00am-9.00pm, Saturday & Sunday 8.00am-7.00pm.  Times outside of these will be blocked out on the booking sheets
  • The PAYG court charging scheme will stop from Monday, 27 July 2020 and members paying subscriptions will no longer be required to pay court fees.   
  • Courts can now only be booked online and confirmed online.  Courts MUST be booked (no option to just turn up and play).
  • A maximum of 5 courts will be used for coaching at any given time.  Coaches will send court requirements to the Tennis Head Coach.  
  • The Club’s Safeguarding Policy will be as per normal guidelines.  We have included a safeguarding section on the Player Guidelines https://ipswichsportsclub.co.uk/the-club/safeguarding/.
Guidelines for Tennis Coaches
Coaching Activity
  • All activity should be consistent with the Government guidance regarding health, travel, social distancing and hygiene at all times – coaches must read and keep a copy of updated version of LTA Coach Guidance.
  • Coaches must consider safety first, particularly minimising the risk of infection/transmission.  A thorough risk assessment should be undertaken by each coach in addition to the Clubs’ own risk assessment for players and coaches.
  • Guidelines will be updated as we progress through the different phases of Government measures – the LTA remains in discussions with Government and so coaches must check the official LTA position at www.lta.org.uk/coronavirus on a regular basis.
  • Any measures coaches put in place to enable tennis activity to resume need to be capable of being flexible or changed quickly if tighter movement/social distancing is reintroduced in the future or when the restrictions are further relaxed.
  • Coaches must follow this guidance and any material failure to do so could result in removal of privileges or even suspension or withdrawal of their licence to coach at the Club.
Health, Safety and Hygiene 
  • First Aid will now be available at reception and outdoors as before.
  • Coaches bring their own hand sanitizers.
  • Guidance on delivering First Aid during the coronavirus pandemic is available on the St John Ambulance website.
  • Coaches to communicate with all clients on a regular basis regarding updates on guidelines.  Coaches to continue to send new players the player guidelines before attending coaching.
  • Outdoors – guardian (non-participant) attendance should be limited to one per child where possible, with social distancing strictly observed while watching the session.
  • Indoors – due to the constraints of available space for social distancing there is no access to the indoor centre for spectators to watch coaching sessions, coaches are therefore advised to continue to use outdoor courts at this time.
Guidelines for Players
A full set of these guidelines can be found on www.lta.org.uk/coronavirus.  The Club has worked to provide a full set of guidelines to enable the safest possible environment for players to come and play.  Please read the guidelines and adhere to these at all times.
Before leaving home and after you return 
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before leaving home to go to the court (or use an alcohol gel if washing hands is not possible).  Toilet and hand washing facilities at the Club are available from 27 July 2020, however access to the indoor centre a max of 1 person queuing inside for the toilet. Access is only for the downstairs toilet. Please bring your own hand sanitizer to wash your hands before, during and after play, hand sanitizer stations are also available inside the club main building.
Court Bookings
  • All Courts MUST be booked online and in advance of playing using the Club’s online booking system – in the interest of safety of all players please do not turn up to play without first booking a court.
  • The Club courts will be open at the following times: Monday-Friday8.00am-9.00pm, Saturday & Sunday 8.00am-7.00pm
  • Members booking indoor will need to bring coins for the light meters, please have coins organised before attending site as the bar will be a contactless payment system only and no change will be available.
  • Members must ensure they leave the court 10 minutes before the end of their booking slot in order to ensure safe access for the next players.
  • Members can book online up to 7 days in advance.
  • Members must follow this guidance and any material failure to do so could result in removal of privileges or even suspension or withdrawal of membership.
  • Bring hand sanitizer with you.
  • Take all your own equipment (do not share equipment such as rackets, grips, hats and towels).
  • Only take the minimum amount of equipment with you that you need to play.
  • Clean and wipe down your equipment, including rackets and water bottles before and after use.
  • Bring a full water bottle, and do not share food or drink with others.
  • Ensure you take all your belongings with you at the end of the session and do not leave anything on court.
  • Please put all rubbish (water bottles, food packaging, ball tins) in the bins provided.
Travelling to and from the Court 
  • Arrive as close as possible to when you need to be there.
  • Avoid touching court gates, fences, benches, etc. if you can.
  • Allow others to leave before you enter the court – if you need to wait then do so away from the courts and clear of the gates.
  • Ensure you leave the court 10 minutes before the end of your allotted time so that it is empty for the next players.
  • Arrive changed and ready to play.
  • Do not congregate after playing.  No extra-curricular or social activity outside of the government guidelines should take place.
Maintain Social Distancing
  • Stay at least one meter plus from other players at all times (including during play, when taking breaks and before and after play).
  • Do not make physical contact with other players (such as shaking hands or high five).
  • Stay on your side of court and avoid changing ends, or agree to change ends at opposite sides of the net.
  • Avoid chasing the ball down to another court if other players are using it.
  • The Club’s Safeguarding Policy remains in place.  All details of the Club’s Safeguarding policies and contact details for the Club’s Safeguarding Officers, Karen Watling and Ali Livingstone, are on the Club’s website https://ipswichsportsclub.co.uk/the-club/safeguarding/.
  • Hockey PAYG pitch fees will stop from Monday, 27 July 2020.
  • Hockey play is only available to members of the Club.
  • Hockey members keen to restart their hockey should contact the hockey committee through hockey@ipswichsports.co.uk or respective captains for details of forthcoming hockey training sessions.
  • Members should bring their own water bottle and hand sanitizer to training sessions.
  • All captains/organisers will be responsible when running sessions to ensure members train safely and in line with England Hockey guidelines.
  • Please take your litter home with you at all times.
  • Coaching is available and for further details please contact hockey@ipswichsports.co.uk.
  • Go for Sport are running hockey camps and full details are available at http://www.goforsport.co.uk/website/.

Welcome back..!!!

General Manager

Club outdoor tennis courts set to reopen for ‘Restricted Play’

Message regarding Outdoor Tennis ‘Restricted Play’

Dear Club Members
We are pleased to announce that following the Government’s announcement on Sunday, 10 May 2020 and the LTA’s latest guidance regarding the coronavirus, we plan to reopen the Outdoor Tennis Courts for members to book on a Pay & Play trial basis from Tuesday, 19 May 2020.  All indoor areas will remain closed at this time.
Membership fees will remain frozen for both annual and monthly subscriptions at this time.  Members are asked to fully read through the full Member Guidelines for ‘Restricted Play’ including Court Bookings and Payments below before making their first court booking.  Please note that there is a court booking fee of £10.00 per court per booking, due once your booking is confirmed.
The decision to open the Outdoor Tennis Courts, albeit on a ‘restricted play’ basis, has not been taken lightly; as a members club your safety along with our volunteers and coaches is paramount.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to follow the full guidelines regarding social distancing and washing/sanitising of hands.  This trial will be subject to review and change in the light of experience and as and when the Government and LTA guidelines are updated.
As you can imagine, having been closed for almost 8 weeks, we have extensive works to carry out to the grounds and thanks goes to our volunteers, together with our management team, who have been working hard to get all of the necessary policies, risk assessments, adaptations and monitoring processes in place so we can set a date to open.  We believe we can complete all of this work ahead of the opening of the courts from Tuesday.
With the Club continuing to operate without staff our Head Coach, Chris Daynes with be overseeing all bookings and he can be contacted on tennis@ipswichsports.co.uk for any enquiries.
I will however remind members that the Club will remain closed until Tuesday, 19 May 2020 and I will take this opportunity to once again thank you for your patience and support whilst we make preparations to reopen the Outdoor Tennis Courts safely.
General Manager
For and on behalf of the Club Executive and Council


Click on the links below for the latest LTA Guidance:

LTA Guidance for Tennis Players

LTA Guidiance for Coaches

LTA Guidance for Tennis Venues

ISC Outdoor Tennis COVID-19 Guidelines for Members (MAY 2020)

LTA Award for club volunteer Mike Watling

Following an announcement made today by the LTA we are pleased to congratulate Mike Watling who has won the ‘LTA Central and East Regional Volunteer if the year’.
Recognition for the hours spent volunteering on numerous committees in addition to his tennis committee roles for Ipswich Sports Club. These roles include past Chairman of Suffolk LTA, County safeguarding roles for numerous tennis clubs, main contact at Copdock & Washbrook TC and ISC club volunteer for the air dome and also supporting his local community.
Mike will be put forward to the national stage of the awards to be presented later this year..


Member Notice Club subscriptions and Closure

Member Notice

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Ipswich Sports Club Executive met remotely this evening to discuss whether to close all facilities and also the issue of membership fees.
It has been decided that due to the ever increasing measures being put in place and the continuing spread of Coronavirus, the Club will close all facilities for the time being until further notice.  We feel that this is the responsible thing to do in the exceptional circumstances facing this country at this time.  Do not come and use the outdoor facilities – they are closed until further notice.
Monthly Members
The Club will not be collecting any Direct Debit payments with effect from 1 April 2020 and whilst the Club facilities remain closed, so no money will be drawn from members’ Bank Accounts until further notice.  This will therefore apply to all Monthly members who have not cancelled their Direct Debits.
It will also apply to those who have contacted the Club since it closed on Friday, 20 March 2020 and have not yet had a response regarding suspension due to the influx of enquiries following the sudden closure, so please do not worry.  We appreciate your patience and support during this difficult time.
Unfortunately, if members have already cancelled their Direct Debit Instructions, this will be processed as a membership cancellation rather than a suspension, and we hope to welcome you back in the future.
Annual Members
For members who have paid upfront on an annual basis for their membership, the Club will simply add time onto members’ current membership term to cover the period of closure of the facilities.  This will be processed at the time of your next current renewal date of membership.
This does mean that the Club will have little or no revenue coming in for the foreseeable future.  Fortunately we have some cash reserves so we will be able to meet our essential outgoings in the short term but this situation could continue for far longer and cause the Club significant difficulties over time.
Ipswich Sports Club, like some other clubs in a similar position, are asking members to consider diverting their membership payments or making donations into a fund.  We have received many messages already from members wanting to continue their support, irrespective of whether the facilities close.
The facilities have only been closed for a matter of days and already people are realising just how big a part of their life the Club is.  It is for that reason that any support you can give will be invaluable to our recovery and getting back to normal.
Payments should be set up as a standing order or one-off payment as follows:  Sort Code 30-94-55 and Account Number 04745168.  Please ensure that you put DONATION as the reference, followed by your surname and if possible your membership number eg. DONATION/SMITH 1234.
The Club has worked tirelessly to get to its current position so to have this happen is truly heart breaking but we will get through this.  It is also important to remember that the priority must be to slow the spread of the virus and in doing so to save lives.
We are working with our staff to make appropriate arrangements for them at what is an incredibly difficult time.
We wish you all the best.  Your health and well-being is the most important thing so please stay safe and adhere to the Government advice.
We will continue to monitor developments daily and we will keep you updated over the coming weeks with any changes.

Government Announcement – Club Closure

In response to the announcement from the Prime Minister Friday evening the club is now closed.  We will take guidance from the authorities on what activities we are allowed to continue. A further update will be sent out on Monday.

All this information is very new and we will be looking into how this impacts us all in the coming days. I am sure you will all have lots of questions and queries especially on membership and we ask that you allow us a few days to send out further communication and will aim to answer all your questions.

be safe

ISC Club Executive


Cardio Tennis bridges the gap between sport and fitness

Cardio Tennis…

“An innovative class is proving popular at a West Yorkshire club; attracting both group exercise fans and those who want to improve their tennis game”.


Click the article below to find out more about this fun and social activity – available now at Ipswich Sports Club!