Club re-Opening from Wednesday 2 December 2020

Dear Club Members

As members will almost certainly be aware Suffolk has now been placed under Tier 2 COVID-19 restrictions from Wednesday, 2 December 2020 as opposed to Tier 1 restrictions which applied prior to the latest country wide lockdown.

The good news is that the Club will be re-opening on Wednesday, 2 December 2020 to the fullest extent permitted by Government restrictions and national sports governing bodies’ guidelines.  However, because of the move between Tier 1 and 2 restrictions there will be some changes to what members were able to enjoy previously before the latest lockdown.

Set out below briefly are the main changes.  A fuller message is planned to go out to members at the start of next week with greater detail, as further clarification is received from various sources.



Outdoor tennis is limited to the ‘rule of 6’ as before.  For indoor tennis adults are limited to play with people in the same household/support bubble or one-to-one singles or coaching (with an exemption for tennis activity for disabled people and for under 18s).  Coaching will be in accordance with the latest LTA guidelines.  The Air Dome is due to be inflated on Monday, 30 November 2020.


Squash and Racketball

The key difference is that full court play is only permitted between members of a single household or a legally permitted support bubble.  Adults can do solo sessions.  Junior group coaching and one-to-one coaching for adults and juniors can continue.  Adults in a squash bubble can play sides.


Gym & Studio

The Gym and Studio can re-open and continue as before lockdown – so basically no change.



Can restart and training sessions will recommence from Wednesday, 2 December 2020 with first matches scheduled for Saturday,  12 December 2020.  Further details will come from the Hockey Committee.



Members wishing to make bookings for Tennis/Squash/Racketball courts, Gym sessions and Studio Classes may now do so for bookings from Wednesday, 2 December 2020 inclusive.


Bar & The Courtside Bistro

This is a side of Club activities that will be significantly affected by the move from Tier 1 to Tier 2 restrictions.  We are liaising with Darius and Jill as to their intentions.  Under the new restrictions, alcohol can only be provided with a substantial meal.  It is possible that we may decide to operate on a take-away soft and hot drinks basis only.  Members can only sit at a table in the bar area alone or with another person from their household in any event.


While delighted that we can at least re-open with most of our sports and fitness activities, the limitations within which we must operate will unfortunately particularly affect the social side of the Club that had been recovering well following the last re-opening.


We thank all those members who have continued to support the Club in so many ways through these recent and difficult months and hope it won’t be too long before the pandemic is on the decline and restrictions can be reduced and eventually lifted altogether.



Club Chairman