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Dynamic and motivating classes.

Intense but varied workouts

Cardio Core

Cardio Core is a 30 minute workout designed using specific intelligent exercises targeting core, abs, back and legs whilst raising your heart rate into the fat burning zone.

This dynamic and motivating class offers options for all exercises with around 300 calories burned per class!

Cardio Tone

A combination of mid tempo steady aerobics with or without hand weights for upper and lower body toning, conditioning and fat burning followed by specific toning and conditioning exercises which vary from week to week to ensure variety and multiple benefits.

Body Extreme

An intense but varied workout using just your own bodyweight, alongside cardio exercise to improve aerobic fitness, burn fat and shape your body.

How do I book and what is the cost?

Members: Free / Non-Members: £.

Spaces are limited – book weekly at Club Reception or members online.

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