at Ipswich Sports Club

A combination of cardio and core exercises.

A fun and challenging workout.

Core Circuits

An intense 30 minute workout using a combination of cardio and core exercises to create a fun and challenging circuit that will change weekly to improve both your cardiovascular fitness and your core strength.


Your core is everything from your shoulders to your hips including muscles in the front, back and sides of your body. These muscles work as stabilizers for the whole body and it is important to keep them strong.

CoreWorks will specifically develop and strengthen these stabilizer muscles with precise moves using body weight and C resistance equipment. Suitable for all levels of fitness.


A fun way to keep in shape. With the use of a swiss ball you work on core strength, total body tone and balance.

How do I book and what is the cost?

Members: £4.00 / Non-Members: £6.00 per session.

Spaces are limited – book weekly at Club Reception or online.

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