Meet club studio instructor Momtaz…

I first started yoga when I felt that something was wrong with the way I was thinking about life events. Over several years, I tried different forms of Hatha yoga and meditation to improve my mental and physical condition. 

I have practiced popular styles such as Ashtanga yoga and Iyengar yoga which at the time improved my physicality (I was stiff and floppy as anything when I started out!), however my mind remained pretty much the same.

I then went to live and work in a Buddhist commune for 3 years living a full-time life of a spiritual practitioner. I moved back to Ipswich as I realized that I loved the urban lifestyle and I longed to be closer to my family and old friendship groups. During this time I also had a severe injury which meant that I had to stop Hatha yoga altogether and I had to think deeper about what yoga was really about if I wanted to continue to practice it.

Since then, slowly I have rebuilt my practice and in 2018 I started teaching Hatha yoga emphazing the value of physical technique, alignment and integration above forcing physical strength and flexibility to happen. In this way the body demands love and respect, from which true equanimity and improved mental health can be experienced. I also love LBT and toning classing and will apply the principles that I have learnt in yoga.