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    An entertaining alternative to squash.

Want a New Challenge?

Racketball (aka Squash57) played in the club is the international version of the game of Racquetball played in the US. Played on a squash court with a bouncier ball than a squash ball there clearly is an affinity with squash. However the nature of the ball results in a game which has its own character and attracts an equally devoted following. 


With a bouncier ball, the game is less explosive than squash which makes it attractive to squash and tennis players who want to extend their playing career without all the stresses induced by playing squash. But don’t be fooled – it may be an easy game to start but you very quickly realise that it has its own challenges.

To get started, book a Taster Session or try the game during Monday Club Night, 6 to 7.30pm. Or, to join the League, register at Reception.

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