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Ipswich Sports Club is Suffolk’s premier, independent, competitive racket sports and hockey club with a rich history spanning over a century. With fantastic Tennis, Squash, Hockey and Gym facilities, the Club is home to an inclusive community of like-minded people who encourage and inspire one another to be physically and mentally the best that they can be.

A sporting activity for everyone

Increase your fitness and improve your game, whatever your age or ability.

Unleash your Tennis potential with our wide range of opportunities for competitive and leisurely play.

Perfect your game at one of the largest Squash and Racketball clubs in the UK, with a wide range of competitive play & coaching opportunities.

Enjoy the fast and friendly pace of Hockey, with competitive play and professional coaching

Come and try the world’s fastest growing sport and you will quickly be addicted!

Reach your fitness goals with the best weight and cardio machines, free weights, functional training zones and expert personal trainers.

Choose from 40+ studio cardio, strength & conditioning, holistic, dance and spin classes each week, including Les Mills™.

Get in the game

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I love competitive tennis and the social facilities at the club. I have made many friends and, as captain, I love being able to make a difference and give players opportunities to enjoy tennis.”

Louise Woods, joined ISC in 2017
Louise Marywoods

A thriving social hub

Our Sports Bar is the beating heart of the Club. Here, our members come together and, over a shared love of sport, many friendships are made.

The ball’s in your court…



Premium facilities for Tennis, Squash and Hockey.


Gym & Studio

State-of-the-art gym and 40+ studio classes.


Social Hub

Perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

A history to be proud of

We’ve been a thriving sports Club for more than 75 years, and our founding values remain the same; we’re a friendly independent and inclusive sporting community, where every member matters.

We are proud to say that many England, GB and International champions have started and continue their sporting journey with us.