Internal Leagues

at Ipswich Sports Club

A great way to meet and play new people.

Want a Challenge?

The internal box leagues are an excellent way for members to enjoy competitive tennis and an ideal way for new members to meet other players. The league typically consists of divisions of 5 players and sessions usually last for a month. There are enough divisions to ensure that all playing standards can be accommodated. To join or rejoin the league please register at Reception.

Members can log in here to check the leagues, input results etc.

Benefits of Squash and Racketball

Squash and Racketball are a great way to get active and fit. See below the key benefits.

  • Great for: Cardio Endurance

  • Great for: Muscular Strength

  • Great for: Muscular Endurance

  • Great for: Flexibility

  • Great for: Fun

How to score

  • The squash league use PAR (aka ‘American’) point a rally scoring.
  • The Premier League will play the best of 5 games to 11 points, playing to two clear points at 10-10. All other divisions will play the best of 5 games to 15 points, playing two clear points at 14-14.
  • The Racketball Leagues are all PAR (Point a Rally) to 11.

Interested in joining a league?

For all league enquiries fill out the form below or contact reception on 01473 251143

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